When is my order shipping?

We try to fulfill orders as quickly as possible but this will not always be the same day your order is completed. Generally, it takes about 2 business days to ship an order. If there are any delays for any reason, we will contact you and let you know personally. If you have any questions about lead time or shipping, please feel free to contact us at jason@brewjeans.com.

You should receive an email shortly after completing your order. If it does not pop up in your inbox within a few minutes, check your spam folder to see if it is there. If you do not receive an email at all, please contact us immediately so we can double-check the status of your order.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices are based on handling and packaging, as well as postage prices. Our handling fee is a fixed charge but postage can vary depending on the weight and size of your order as well as the distance it has to travel to get to you. We ship via USPS Priority mail, so rates are fairly standard.

Orders that total more than $50.00 qualify for free shipping within the continental US.

I live outside the US. Can I still buy Brew Jeans?

We do not currently offer international shipping. However, we are looking into it. Please keep checking back for updates!