BrewJeans - The Ultimate Tailgate Accessory


How did Brew Jeans come about?
The concept began when the owner was in college. His favorite pair of jeans finally gave out and he simply hated to part with them. So he cut out a portion of the waist and crudely sewed it around a can of beer. The name came naturally and once the neoprene was implemented Brew Jeans became a fully functional product.


Will my Brew Jeans fit cans AND bottles?
Brew Jeans are manufactured to fit standard 12oz bottles and cans. Cans will be a tighter fit so don't open your beverage until it is nice and snug in the jeans. Brew Jeans gain character with use so the more you use them the better the fit.


Can I wash my Brew Jeans?
Of course! We recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and then air dry.


Can I put Brew Jeans in the microwave.
No! The heat will soften the adhesive and could cause the denim to separate from the neoprene.


Do you offer custom labels or belts?
Yes we do. Please email us at sales@brewjeans.comand ask about our custom requirements.