About us

Everybody has their favorite pair of jeans. We wear them almost every day. We entrust our most precious bits to that omnipresent blue denim. And no one relies on the durability and comfort of blue jeans more than college kids. That’s why when our founder, Keith, had a pair of jeans finally give out on him in the middle of his semester, he just couldn’t let them go. Like the mad Doctor Frankenstein, he took those worn-out pants, cut them apart, sewed them together, and gave them new life as the world’s first Brew Jeans Cooler! 

Since then, Brew Jeans have evolved into the coolest way to keep cool. What was once just a layer of threadbare denim is now premium new material denim for comfort nestled around quarter-inch neoprene foam to keep your beverage frosty cold. They fit most standard-sized bottles and cans for maximum versatility, no belt required.

Keith got a little big for his britches, so to speak, and now Brew Jeans are assembled by a small, family-owned and operated workshop in the foothills near the North Carolina/Virginia border.

Our mission is to provide a superior product at competitive prices. Brew Jeans aren’t your drunk uncle’s crappy throw-away koozies. They are built to last just like your favorite casual pants!

Brew Jeans Team

Cindy - Money Wrangler

Jason - Production, Design and Art Guru, Customer Service

Keith - Founder and Entrepreneur

Stewart - R&D, Field Tester

Summer - Sales and Marketing, Corporate Contact, Social Media Expert