Official Custom Brew Jeans

Do you own a microbrewery? Do you have a big event like a wedding or graduation coming up? With our Custom Brew Jeans option, your logo can appear on our coolers! We have worked with companies such as Old Navy, New Glarus Brewing based in New Glarus, Wisconsin, Puckett’s Grocery with several locations in Tennessee, and Natty Greene’s Brewing in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have also provided custom coolers for events such as corporate Annual General Meetings, weddings, and Craft Beer Festivals!

Our label making process involves having your logo laser-cut into a magnesium plate which is then used in a hydraulic press to apply pressure and heat to our synthetic leather label material. The result is a debossed faux-leather label of your custom image! This process can be time-consuming and costly. So if you are looking for only a few custom Brew Jeans, scroll down to see our suggestions for self customization! If you want to supply your taproom or event space with Official Custom Brew Jeans for your guests, contact us today for more information!

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Customize Your Own Brew Jeans!

If you don’t have the resources to order hundreds of Official Custom Brew Jeans at a time, there is still a way to make our coolers your own! Check out our Blank Label line in both Original and Camouflage. Our synthetic leather label material is a great medium for customizing your own cooler to be a unique work of art. Use permanent markers, paint pens, fabric markers, bedazzle them, we’ve even had people use a wood burner to etch their own designs! Let your creativity be your guide. And when you’re done, PLEASE send photos of your own custom Brew Jeans to us at and we’ll share your creations on our social media!