Brew Jeans Privacy Policy

This privacy notice discloses our privacy practices.  This notice applies to all information collected on our website or given to us from third-party sources like Paypal.

Brew Jeans (or parent company Gyrption Enterprises) will not do:

1)      sell or give your email to any third party

2)      sell or give any information about your purchases/likes or dislikes to any third party 3) sell or give any information to anyone outside of our organization.

What we will do:

1)      Retain information about sales for future manufacturing purposes. This means how many of one particular product sells not information about you as a customer.

2)      Share only what is necessary in order to ship an order with USPS or Fed Ex

3)      We will give you the option of being contacted about specials or events in your area, but you will not be automatically added to any list.

4)      We will notify you should we have a breach or hack, although we do not store financial information on our website at all. We never see the Credit Card information when you pay through Paypal.

What you can do:

Contact us at any time and ask what information we have on you, most information is expunged within a short period of you receiving your product.

           Ask that you receive no emails, unless it is in response to a question from you.

Express any concerns you have about our policies or products.

Feel free to contact us at any time about this policy at:  (844) 247 3534