Brew Jeans Face Mask

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Man, things are weird out here. People are hoarding toilet paper, the government is handing out money, and everyone is walking around wearing masks! If you're going to wear a mask, at least use it to make a statement. Let the world know what you would rather be doing with the official Brew Jeans face mask!

In all seriousness, the CDC recommends that anyone leaving the house should be wearing at least some kind of protective facial covering to help minimize the spread of the virus. Do your part. Even if it isn't with one of our masks, please continue social distancing and help stop this disease in its tracks!




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The Official Brew Jeans Face Mask:

-is NOT an N95 Personal Protection mask.

-is NOT rated for use in the medical field.

-WILL NOT completely filter particles in the air.

-is NOT a substitute for proper social distancing or adequate isolation.

PLEASE STAY HOME if at all possible. Only leave your house for necessities and essential trips.

This mask is made of 100% cotton denim. It is washable and reusable. It is recommended that you wash your mask after every use in a public space. Your mask will shrink a bit after washing. This tightens the weave of the fabric, only making it MORE effective. There is a metal strip in the nose to help your mask fit your face better.

Social Distancing is how we are going to win this. Please follow state and federal guidelines and recommendations regarding stay-at-home orders and self-isolation. Be smart. Our mask does not make you invincible. Be safe.

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